Jonathan E. Wilson Chapter 115, Corning DAV & DAVA schedule for the year 2002-03
July 28, 2002-- District 12 meeting and luncheon--11a.m. July 30-- Dav & DAVA meeting--7:30 p.m., Homemade icecream and cookies for refreshments, members bring cookies. August 27-- DAV & DAVA metting--7:30 p.m., Refreshments by Tricia September 10-- Business Salad Lunch--10:30-2:00 p.m.,$5.00 charge. September 15-- Sunday BBQ, 12 p.m. at Jack Hill's house, meat will be furnished, bring potluck salads September 24-- DAV & DAVA meeting at 7:30 p.m., refreshments by Henrietta October 27-- District 12 meeting and luncheon, 11 a.m. October 29-- DAV & DAVA meeting--7:00 p.m. Refreshments by Marlyce, pick up Forget-me-nots for upcoming sale. November 2-- Forget-me-nots sale begins. Sale period: November 2-10 November 11-- Veterans Day!-All Veterans Potluck at Corning Veterans Hall at 6:30 p.m. November 26-- DAV & DAVA metting--7:30 p.m., Refreshments by Viola. December 10-- Christmas Party Dinner--6:30 p.m., $5.00 gift exchange, DAV to cook. January 28, 2003-- DAV and DAVA meeting--7:30 p.m., Refreshments by Mary V. February 9-- District 12 meeting--11 a.m. weather permitting.
February 25-- DAV and DAVA meeting, 7:30 PM, Refreshments by Betty B. March 25-- DAV & DAVA Meeting--6:30 p.m.,Potluck Dinner, nominations are open. April 8-- Salad Luncheon April 27-- District 12 meeting and luncheon--11 a.m., election of district officers. April 28-- District 12 meeting and luncheon, 11 AM, election of District officers. April 29-- DAV and DAVA meeting 7:30 PM, nominations close, election. refreshments by Betty H. May 13-- Installation and awards, 6:30 PM, Pot-Luck Dinner. May 21-- Workday at the cemetary to prepare for Memorial Day Ceremony, call Wanda at 385-1282. May 26-- Memorial Day Services at Cemetary--11 a.m., Help needed with flags Sunday and Monday evenings, call commanders for times. May 27-- DAV and DAVA meeting, 7:30 PM, refreshments by Alberta. June 24-- DAV and DAVA meeting, 7:30 PM, refreshments by Sylvia. DAV Officers and their phone #s Jack Hill, Commander-- Home: 529-3354, Work: 529-7043 ext. 111 Ken Brown, Senior Vice Commander-- Home: 824-5540 Jim Darrow, Junior Vice Commander-- Home: 824-3488 Fred Millikin, Adjutant-- Home: 527-4085, Pager: 516-3528 Claire Huggins, Treasurer-- Home: 824-5279 Robert Thuemler, Chaplin-- Home: 824-0508 Alvino Caballero, Sergeant at Arms-- Home: 585-2911 Ron Sanders, Service Officer-- Home: 529-4579 DAVA Officers and their phone #s Marlyce Jackson, Commander-- Home: 824-1487 Alberta Clark, Senior Vice Commander-- Home: 824-4918 Viola Hill, Junior Vice Commander-- Home: 527-7530 Wanda Wiseman, Adjutant-- Home: 385-1282 Wanda Wiseman, Treasurer-- Home: 385-1282 Silvia Moore, Chaplain-- Home: 824-2614 Henrietta Foster, Sergeant at Arms-- Home: 824-2614 Tricia Sanders, Patriotic Instructo-- Home: 529-4579