The DIE Statement

OK, so you've analyzed your skills, created a 60 second Me, rehearsed and prepared for the interview and now you've had the interview. How do you close the interview and leave a positive and lasting impression? Are you willing to die for this job? I don't mean give your life, I mean are you willing to show your:




This is really simple and yet so many people fail to close the sale. That's right. You've just spent a lot of time preparing and presenting yourself to an employer. You should not just walk out, go home and hope they call you. Give them a reason to call you. Hoepfully, you've already begun by using your 60 Second Me to turn the interview into a dialogue and the employer is already very pleased with you and your skills.

Now it's time to ask for the sale.

Show the employer your desire for the position. Don't grovel or beg, just let them know that you strongly desire this position.

Show the employer that you are definitely interested, not because you need a job to pay the bills, but because this is an opportunity to utilize your skills and talents.

Show the employer that your enthusiasm is something that will not fade because this is your chosen career field.

A simple statement at the end of the interview can do a lot. Here are a few examples:

"Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I would just like to let you know that I strongly desire this position because I am interested in utilizing my skills and since this is my chosen career field, I feel that I will be an assett to your company. When might I expect to hear from you?"


"Thanks for speaking with me. I really want this job because I know that I can use my skills here and that will benefit us both. When will you be making a decision?"


"Thanks for letting me interview you and your company. I've given this position a lot of thought and I am very interested in working with you. When would you like for me to start work?

Get the idea? Some type of statement at the end of the conversation to let them know that you are the one they really want to hire. These statements should be different for everyone and almost for every different situation. You should also ask for a business card so that you can write a thank you note to the interviewer. Be as pushy as you feel you need to be if this is really the job that you want, you have to go after it with some gusto. Beware of the kind of person you are dealing with though. It will hurt you if you are brazen and bold with someone who is shy and intimidated easily. So try to judge how far you should push it. The main idea is to let them know in no uncertain terms that you really want this job.