Factors In Making A Career Decision


In order to determine what job you want, you must first decide what you like to do and what you don't like to do. If you answer the questions honestly, it will help you decide where your interests lie. Remember, it's not a pass/fail situation and no grade will be given.

Reasons For Wanting To Work, Check all that apply:

___Must work to support myself ___Buy home
___Want to work to help ___Pay bills
___Educate children ___Raise standard of living
___Vacation ___Want to work to more fully express myself
___Want to work to build a career ___Want to work because I know I can help the community
___I would work outside ____ I would work inside all day
___Want to work to serve others ____ I don't care where I work as long as it is pleasant.
___Don't want to work Want to work to_____________________

How Important is Money To You? Check one:

___It is my primary reason for working ___If I don't get paid, that's OK
___I need to enjoy job, but I'm not ready to volunteer ___Perks & Benefits are more important than a big salary
___I don't want to be paid for my work ___Money is Critical

I Need To Earn At Least - Check one:

___ $1 to $100 per week ___ $801 to $1000 per week
___ $101 to $300 per week ___ $1001 to $1300 per week
___ $301 to $500 per week ___ $1300 or more
___ $501 to $800 per week ___ All I can earn

Planning Years:

If you were to work full time from today until retirement, how may years would that be?

Define Your Concept Of Work:


Check all that are true or partially true for you:

___ I want to work __ hours a day.
___ I want to work dependable hours, such as 8 to 5.
___ I want irregular hours, lots of overtime balanced with time off.
___ My hours must be regular because of my family.
___ The type of work is more important than the hours worked.
___ I want to work 6 hours a day.
___ I want to work 8 hours a day.
___I need to have a flexible work schedule.


Check all that reflect your feelings:

___ I like to supervise others.
___ I do not like to supervise.
___ I prefer to work alone with very little supervision.
___ I am willing to supervise others if I am confident of my abilities.
___ I prefer never to supervise other.
___ I don't know if I can supervise.


Check those that are true for you:

___I work best under pressure.
___I hate working under pressure.
___I don't mind working late hours to complete rush jobs that have to get out on time.
___I prefer working a regular schedule, but will work overtime occasionally.


Check those that are true for you:

___ I do not mind "taking my job home".
___ I do not want to "take my job home".
___ I am ambitious.
___ I am not ambitious.
___ I am a "career" person.
___ I am not a "career" person.
___ If a promotion required relocation I would consider it.
___ I would not be able to relocate.
___ I would like to able to make management decisions.
___ I want to do my job well but am not interested in "moving up the ladder."


Check all that are true for you:

___ I have a car to use for getting to work.
___ I do not have a car for getting to work.
___ I am willing to travel at least 30 miles one way to the job.
___ I don't mind driving to and from work, but I don't want any more travel involved in the job
___ I want to drive/travel locally as part of the job.
___ I want to drive/travel over a wide area as part of the job.

Dates, Things & People:

Almost all jobs involve some people contact, but sales, social work, teaching, etc. require more people contact than data jobs such as research, programming, accounting, etc. Rank the following in preferred order with 1 being the most preferred:

___ I like to work with people more than data or things.
___ I like to work with figures and information more than people or things.
___ I like to work with machinery more than people or data.
___ I can combine all and be happy.
___ I can combine these two: _______________________.


Check those that are true:

___ I am willing to go back to school for more training.
___ I am financially able to return to school.
___ I can go back to school full time.
___ I must work while going to school part time.
___ I have enough formal education.
___My current education level is ___ .
I would like to pursue (subjects, courses, degrees).


Am I over (under) qualified for the positions I am seeking?

What are my strengths?

What are my weaknesses?

What minimum salary do I need?

What satisfaction am I looking for in this new position?

What size company is optimum (small, medium or large)?

Do I really want the type of position that I have been pursuing?

Identifying Working Conditions And Roles You Can Handle

Employers are people looking for someone who can fit into a job situation, who can adapt to the demands of a job.

o What is a working condition?

Working conditions are both physical and psychological. They include temperature and work place, humidity and stress, amount of work space and competition.

o What is a role?

Every job requires you to play a particular part in a team. You want to know yourself well so you can match yourself up to an employer. The key to success is matching yourself to the employer who wants someone just like you.

Putting It All Together:

Now you have a summary of the critical factors involved in your employment. In effect this summary depicts your dream job. You may not find a job that fits all of your requirements. Study this summary and decide in advance which factors you are willing to concede. This will help you make important decisions when the time comes.

As you start to go out to interviews for various positions, keep this summary with you and use it as a checklist of sorts. If you know yourself, finding employment that is both suitable for your skills and acceptable to you psyche will manifest itself. Because you know what type of employment you are looking for, you will tend to gravitate towards those kinds of jobs. Now let's move on to the next part of the job search.