Job Search Workshop

This is the first in a series of on-line workshops that have been developed in order to assist job-seekers in their search for suitable employment. It is intented to give you the information and knowledge you need to become successful. Read through the information and use what you feel you need. All of the workshops put together will provide a map of the process needed to realize your goals. Getting the job you want.

Getting rid of the Old Job

A. Most people don't realize how much a part of our lives our jobs are. When you are asked, "Who are you"? Invariably we respond by stating our occupation or profession. " I'm a teacher". "I'm a scientist". "I'm a baker". When you have lost your job for whatever reason, you have lost part of your identity. If you are not actively working as a baker or a scientist, are you really a baker or a scientist? Part of you seems to be missing when you are not employed, especially if you have chosen a career that you love.

So when we are out of work, we have to look at it as if we are merely between jobs. I am still a scientist; I am just between jobs at the present moment. If you are able to let go of the past and look at the present differently, then the future will unfold just the way you want it to. Follow this little exercise to get rid of the past and move on to the future.

B. Take out a sheet of paper and answer the following 5 questions. Write your answers on the paper in front of you. (This doesn't work unless you play along).

1. What did you hate about your old job?

2. What Kind of feelings do you have towards your old job?

3. What negative feelings do you have about your old job?

4. How disappointed are you that you no longer have your job identity?

5. What other feelings do you have about your old job?

C. Now that you have managed to put your feelings down on paper, realize that it is OK to have these feelings. It is normal to have these negative feelings. The important thing is to acknowledge the feelings and move on. In order to help you move on, follow step D.

D. Take the piece of paper with all of your feelings written on it, and crumple it up and throw it in the nearest garbage can. This will have what is known as a cathartic effect. It will rid you of your demons so to speak. It will be a gesture that puts the past to rest and allows you to move on.

E. The next step is to move on. Focus on the positive things now. Don't dwell on anything from the past anymore. It is behind you and there is nothing that you can do to change what has already happened. You can change what has not happened. And that is exactly what you should focus on.

Now that you have gotten rid of the old job and your negative feelings, it is time to move on and focus on the tremendous amount of skills and talent that you can provide to a prospective employer. Stay positive and be creative.