Tips For Older Workers


The Department of Labor claims that anyone over the age of 40 is considered an Older Worker. Employers are guilty of age discrimination in many ways and for many reasons. Whatever the reason, you must do whatever is necessary so that you can be seen and judged for your skills, not your age.

First we must all take a good hard look at ourselves in the mirror. Society says that we should look a certain way and dress a certain way and even act a certain way. In order for us to gain what we want from society, we must give society what they want. If they are looking for a younger, more vibrant employee and you have gray hair, then perhaps dyeing your hair will help land that interview.

There are several things that might make an employer think that we are older. Whatever that may happen to be in your particular case, stop and take a look at it. If you are overweight, then go on a diet. If you are bald, then you might consider a wig of some type. You get the idea, I hope. It doesnít really matter what your particular flaw happens to be. In the eyes of the employer, it is enough to keep you from getting the job. The fact that it is illegal for them to judge you this way, makes no difference. We can legislate non discrimination all we want to and people will still make choices that suit them.

We need to be able to do whatever is necessary to get what we want and need from society. If I have long hair and society says no long hair, then in order for me to get a job, I would have to cut my hair. Now sometimes, for some people, itís a matter of principle. "Iím not cutting my hair for anyone". Thatís great and you can choose to stand on principle if you wish to, but you have no one to blame if it doesnít work out the way you would like it to.

Part and parcel to being able to function in the world of work, is the ability to conform and fit in. Given that this really is the bottom line and that most employers do not really know how to interview, it is no wonder that they judge us on looks and age and other things that really have no bearing on the specific job duties. Employers should focus on the skills needed to perform the job but that does not usually happen. Therefor, it is our duty to assist the employer by showcasing our various skills as they pertain to the job.

Now some employers will still focus on your gray hair even if you prove that you have the best skills to do the job. The fact is that you probably donít want to work for this kind of employer anyway. If the employer is on the border, trying to decide whether to hire and old person or not, by showcasing your skills, you may be able to sway them into deciding in your favor. If the employer is not discriminating, then you should certainly win the position if you remain focused on how your skills can help the employer with his or her business.

The bottom line here folks, is simple. Focus on your skills. If you make the presentation of your skills paramount in the interview, then you should win the position. Especially if your skills are a good match. So keep the faith and donít get depressed. Showcase your skills and get that job.