Personality Profile

Use the following list of words to determine your self-image. After examining your answers, determine whether this is the image you wish to present during your job search:

__Aggressive __Amiable __Assertive __Brash __Cautious __Creative __Cynical
__Competitive __Considerate __Careful __Calculating __Dignified __Deliberate __Devious
__Energetic __Flippant __Forceful __Honest __Hurried __Humorous __Hard
__Imperfect __Impatient __Impulsive __Incisive __Just __Knowledgeable __Lazy
__Limited __Literate __Motivated __Moody __Merry __Modest __Mature
__Natural __Nervous __Organized __Punctual __Poised __Polite __Resolute
__Remarkable __Resourceful __Stylish __Shy __Stable __Shrewd __Stern
__Sloppy __Vigorous __Versatile        

Check each activity that could give you at least a quiver of pleasure if you had the time to pursue it. Add to the list any pleasure-giving activities that aren't included. If a statement comes close, but doesn't match your private interests exactly, rewrite it:

__ I like collecting __ I like gardening __ I like antique cars
__ I like meeting new people _ I like being outdoors ___ I like caring for animals
___ I like competitive sports ___ I like giving advice ___ I like art and art objects
___ I like working at night ___ I like designing games __ I like raising money for a worthy cause
__ I like decorating ___ I like entertaining friends ___ I like working with machinery
___ I like consulting ___ I like to be my own boss ___ I like caring for older people
___ I like working with teenagers ___ I like teaching ___ I like working alone
___ I like theater and film ___ I like to act ___ I like competitive events
___ I like assisting someone important ___ I like to do chemistry research ___ I like to do historical research
___ I like living in a small town ___ I like living in a big city ___ I like preparing gourmet meals
___ I like listening to music ___ I like verbal interactions ___ I like building businesses
___ I like negotiating ___ I like interviewing __ I like supervising
__ I like solving people's problems ___ I like being on the water ___ I like to analyze research
___ I like to be my own boss ___ I like to attend meetings ___ I like to sell
___ I like to take care of children ___ I like to persuade ___ I like to discuss politics
___ I like tinkering with electronics ___ I like routine, orderly tasks  

Now make a list of the items that you checked and group them into categories. This will give you an idea of the kind of person you are. It will help you to focus on your strengths.