What Are Skills?


Specialized skills used in the jobs you have held, such as:

Tune American and foreign engines.

Knowledge of legal terminology.

Excellent typing and computer skills.

Bilingual English/Spanish.

Inspect welds for ship construction.


Skills that can be used in many different occupations.

a. Working with things. Using your hands. Things such as"

Typing 50 wpm, Constructing/Repairing structures, Computer literate, Operating hand and power tools, and Quality control.

b. Working with information or data.

Analyzing data or facts, Trouble shooting, Auditing records, Answering Questions, Investigating, and Bookkeeping

c. Working with people.

Listening, Counseling, Patient, Understanding, Social, Tactful, Interviewing, and Tolerant.


Skills which distinguish you as an individual. Skills which give a prospective employer insight into your personal strengths, such as: commitment, determination, etc. Punctual, Learn quickly, Team player, Follow instructions, Problem solver, Complete assignments, Hard working, Persistent, and Take pride in good work.

Why Are They Important?

1. They show the prospective employer that you are able to accomplish the job you are applying for.

2. They show the prospective employer the diversity of experience and flexibility in the application of your skills to new areas.

3. They are used as keywords on a resume to capture the interest of a prospective employer.

4. They give the prospective employer insights into your character.

4. Putting it all Together.

You need to look at all of these aspects. A very simple way of examining your skills, is to make a list of all of the jobs that you have had since you were a child. Include volunteer work and even assignments at summer camp. Anything where you had to use a specific skill. Then list all of the skills needed to do that job. This will give you an idea of the kinds of skills you have. You can also continue on to the next workshop and really analyze your skills.