These workshops were originally developed by a job club known as The Sacramento Professional Network. The workshops have since been edited and posted on this site. The appearance, content, and maintenance of the following pages are the responsibility of the Webmaster of this site. Begin by clicking on any of the links below.

You can go to any of these links if you just need some specific information. If you want all of this information, Please start with the Job Search Workshop and continue through the list in order. These on-line workshops should give you enough information to be successful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or if you'd like a second opinion, contact your local Employment Development Department for assistance.

Job Search Workshop

Have Questions?

What Are Skills?

Skills Analysis

Personality Profile

Factors In Making A Career Decision

60 Second Me

Outline for 60 Second Me

Resume Basics

Applications, Resumes and Cover Letters

Power Words

Electronic Resumes

Interview Preparation

Pointers for questions you may be asked in an interview

Bad Interview

Compensation Negotiation

The DIE Statement

21 Tips For Networking

Tips for Older Workers

Putting It All Together

Map of Job Search Process

Job Resources


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